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life life life

Hi all, 
Not been on my blog that much,
Not been the best year for me,
I have been ill with something,  Had tests and been in hospital,
They are still working out what's up,  But any way - I'm feeling better now, 
College ended but will be back in the new year to do more fashion or art, or maybe both?  I'll see what I feel like doing when I'm ready to go back...

Other things in my life - I dyed my hair pink, purple and blue, and cut my hair off! - Here are some pics of the colours

And Now back to having dark hair -

And been keeping up with my fashion -

I have been doing a lot of shopping on line,
Loving - They sell some lovely clothing, Got some tops and dresses, I love a good dress that is easy to dress up or down,
As well as shopping on everything£ - They sell clothing from a lot of shops, from asos to primark, on the shop you don't know where the clothing is from till you get it, but I think that's part the fun! - I got a lovely gold dress on the…

Instagram fun

Just before Xmas I wanted to post more on instagram, So been taking more pics and posting them on there, pics of my everyday life, I have posted pics of my cats, nail art, fashion, and shoes.  I post things I like. I have also been enjoying following other people, who post lots of Lolita fashion,  as well as people who post goth fashion, cool hair colours, and food. Its nice to also follow friends. Follow at